Samarpan Nepal Foundation (SamNepal)

  • Government Registration Number 33/063/064
  • Social Welfare Council Registration Number 24812

We are a community nonprofit organization working for the poor children and orphans of Nepal.

Samarpan FamilyWe are a Chitwan district based outfit, registered in 2006 in accordance with the Nepal Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Act 2034 B.S. and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council Nepal.

The members of our team have diverse educational backgrounds, varying ages, gender and work experience but all have the same zeal to fulfill the goals of our organization. The Samarpan Nepal family continues to grow monthly with the addition of each new member, sponsor, donor, volunteer and beneficiary. We are a family by choice, not heritage.

We have a single goal – to change the lives of these poor children. To help achieve this we are providing educational services, have opened a library and are in the process of establishing an orphanage. We are always trying to provide educational opportunities and supplies to these underprivileged children, which we are able to do with the donations we collect and sponsorship of our projects.

Our aim

Our mission is to provide quality ‘child welfare’, which we hope to achieve through the following three specific ways:

  • To establish the Samarpan Children family. This family will include a combination of the impoverished, lower caste, local children that have minimal education or have dropped out of school. This will be an ongoing effort of providing free educational opportunities with the help of our volunteers.
  • To establish the Samarpan Orphanage. This project will require us to take full responsibility for the care of these children to ensure that they have a better life. This project is currently in the pipeline.
  • To open up the Samarpan Library. The library will be open to the Samarpan children and other local people. This is an ongoing effort that will be sustained by soliciting monetary donations and educational materials.

Our resources

  • Donors
  • Sponsors
  • Volunteers
  • Organization members