Experience homestay

Homestay highlights

  • Be treated as a family member
  • Enjoy a safe living environment
  • Have your own separate bedroom
  • Enjoy a rich, cultural exchange opportunity
  • Experience the opportunity to learn a new language

Welcome to the family!

All of our volunteers and guests get to stay with one of our warm, welcoming host families. You’ll be treated as a family member by our host families who are honest, loving, easy-going and dedicated to making your experience a great one.


The host family will provide food for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Meals are served three times a day and usually include rice, vegetables, curries, meat, milk, fruits, and lentil soup. You can exchange cooking ideas with your host family if you want to. It will mean fun times in the kitchen!


You’ll have your own bedroom with a bed and blankets and share a kitchen and bathroom. If you join us in a group setting (family or friends), our host families will still happily host you in the same house.

You’ll need to wash your clothes by hand, or you can hire a laundry woman for about $3 for a medium load.


Your privacy will be respected by everybody in the host family. You don’t need to report to us or your host family about everything you do, or everywhere you go. All that we ask is that you are at home at mealtimes and arrive at work on time. And if you want to travel or go somewhere further, just let us know. It’s always best to let people know your plans for your own safety as much as anything.


Knowing and using English will be adequate for your stay with your host family and working with us. In Nepal, people always greet each other with the word ‘namaste’.

Cultural shock

You’ll certainly experience Nepali culture as different from yours if you are an international volunteer. But keep in mind that people are always welcoming and have warm hearts.


When you’re at your host’s home, you are required to wear proper clothing. Short miniskirts and shorts are not considered proper for a woman even at home. As long as your attire is respectable or fitting in with the local customs, you are free to choose what you would like to wear. You won’t need to wear traditional Nepalese clothing.


Sometimes the news may suggest that Nepal is a high risk country for traveling. It’s not always true. The locations of our projects are regarded as very safe, and there is a very low risk of disease. Since you will be treated as a family member, you will be as safe as anyone else in the community.