Our library has become one of the most important assets for the Samarpan Nepal children. We established it in 2009 with donations from individuals and organizations worldwide. Our library is the most important learning resource for the children and the surrounding community, providing a wide variety of books and educational materials. It is and will be essential to the success of our children’s education.

To keep the library both relevant and exciting, we need donations of books, educational materials and where possible, money. We cannot maintain the library without your help. Potential sponsors could also help with ongoing costs such as office rent, staff salaries and magazine subscriptions.

If you wish to help with donations of books and educational materials, please send them to our mailing address.

Books and materials (new and used) we will gratefully accept are:

  • Books, Magazines, Newspapers (written in English or Nepali language)
  • Other materials appropriate for a library

Library project (summary)

Name : Samarpan Nepal Library
Location : Bharatpur-7, Krishnapur, Chitwan, Nepal
Status : Public
Beneficiaries : Local community of approximately 500 people
Targeted readers : Samarpan Nepal Children, local community
Service type : Free patronizing
No. of service staff : One


Budget per month

Salary for staff : 20 Euros
Rent for building and facilities : 15 Euros
Total : 50 Euros per month
Resources : Donors, Library Sponsors


To make donations or sponsor this project, please go to the Donate page for details.

To volunteer, fill out our Online Application form.

Or, if you have any questions, please fill out our Contact form.