Orphanage project

Samarpan Nepal has a dream of opening an orphanage soon with the help of philanthropists. We are seeking generous support of sponsorships or donations from all who desire to help bring this dream to fruition sooner. We expect to accept orphans from various locations throughout Nepal. Most of these children have become orphans as a result of civil war (so-called Maoist insurgency) or abandonment by parents. Many are left to fend for themselves on the streets by becoming beggars, pickpockets, thieves and prostitutes. Some have been left to cruel relatives who utilize them for slave labor in their homes or send them to work in risky businesses such as the brick kilns. In many instances, they are denied basic needs such as adequate food, shelter and medical care.

Due to limited resources, we plan on beginning with only a few children. Samarpan Nepal will take on the full responsibility of their care and needs with the help of donors, sponsors and volunteers. The children will be provided with a good education, nutritious food, clothing, medical care and accommodation until they reach the age of 17 or they complete high school.

Sponsors will receive school and health progress reports and our children will stay in touch with their sponsors. We have not set a minimum dollar amount for sponsorship since we feel that donations of any amount will contribute to each child’s well-being. Tuition fees may also be sent directly to the school your child is attending. Detailed below are the anticipated costs for each child:

Orphanage project (summary)

Name : Samarpan Nepal Orphanage
Location : Bharatpur-7, Krishnapur, Chitwan, Nepal
Per child per month
Admission fee : 10 Euros (per year)
School fees : 12 Euros
Books and other supplies : 5 Euros
Clothing : 5 Euros
Food and accommodation : 10 Euros
Total for 1 year : 174 Euros
Total for 5 years : 870 Euros
Total for 10 years : 1,740 Euros


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