Security fund for children

Your donation to the Samarpan Security Fund for Children will positively impact the lives of children whose families are too impoverished to seek medical care. One such case is that of Ashmita Bajgain, a young girl with serious intestinal problems. Left diagnosed but untreated, Ashmita’s condition only worsened as time passed, and her life was continuously at risk. This was until two former Samarpan volunteers personally raised the money necessary to treat her, and save her life. Without John Michaloski’s and William Knell’s efforts, Ashmita’s life certainly would have been worsened.

Your donation can help these children get the medical attention they need. We graciously accept any size contribution to the Samarpan Security Fund for Children. To donate, you may send a money transfer or direct deposit the donation into our account. We do not require you to fill out any forms, though if you include your postal address, we will eagerly send you a letter of appreciation. Additionally, you will be honored as a ‘Distinguished Member’ of our organization.

Way to donate money to this fund

Deposit/send money directly to our Bank Account

Our Bank Account Detail

We will put the bank account info soon.

Send money via MoneyGram or money transfer company

Receiver’s Detail

Name Kripa Adhikari
Address Bharatpur-7, Chitwan, Nepal


If you have any questions, please fill out our online Contact form.