We ensure our Samarpan Children get the vital food, accommodations and education they need. To do this, we need sponsors. So why not become one? Even just a couple of Dollars or Euros can make a big difference to a child’s life.
You can choose a child or children to sponsor from our children’s profiles. You don’t need to sign a contract, so you can sponsor for as long as you would like to. We’ll send you regular reports of the child, and you can talk to the child on the phone, or even visit if you would like to. All of these are great ways of developing an enriching family relationship.

How you’ll benefit from sponsoring

  • When you sponsor one of our children, you’ll have a priceless feeling you’re making a real difference to someone’s life.
  • You will be awarded a Certificate of Donation which could help you with future career opportunities.
  • You will be a Samarpan Nepal Family member, which means you can visit anytime you want, and we’ll provide you with a free host.

Projects you can sponsor

  • Teaching Samarpan Nepal children
  • Horticultural work
  • Building the Samarpan Nepal library
  • Maintaining the Samarpan Nepal orphanage

How much does it cost to be a sponsor?

We gratefully accept donations of any amount for all of our projects. You can donate money to sponsor a child or to help us with essential office needs.

To sponsor a child

Child/individual Per child per month
Admission fee 10 Euros (per year)
School fees 10 Euros
Books and other supplies 5 Euros
Clothing 5 Euros
Food and accommodation 10 Euros
Total for 1 year 370 Euros
Total for 5 years 1,850 Euros
Total for 10 years 3,700 Euros

To be an office sponsor

Samarpan Nepal office Cost per month
Office rent 5 Euros
Office supplies and misc 5 Euros

Total cost 10 Euros per month or 120 Euros per year

How to sponsor a child

To make donations or to become a sponsor, please go to or Donate page for more details.

Or, if you have any questions, please fill out our online Contact form.

Thank you very much for your help!