Steps to join with us and work

You have viewed our website and have made the decision to join our volunteer program, but where do you start? We have outlined the steps we feel are necessary for you to get started and to have a successful volunteer stay with us.

1. Choose a program

Choose a program that best suits your talents and passions. We feel that it is best that you select one program for each volunteer period. You can always volunteer for another program in the future.

2. Apply online

Fill out our easy online application form to register for the program of your choice. We suggest that you fill out all boxes to ensure timely processing. To enable us to better understand your needs, please place any special requests or concerns in the comment box prior to submitting your application.

3. Confirm and receive program schedule

After submission, your application will be evaluated and confirmed within a week. Once you have made and confirmed your flight reservations, please inform us of your flight schedule. We will then re-confirm your program dates and send you an itinerary.

4. Preparations and departure

Pack all the necessary travel documents, medications, clothing, etc needed for the duration of your stay. If you have questions about what you may need, please contact us.

5. Arrival and volunteer contract

You will be welcomed and picked up from your entry port in Nepal. This will normally be at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu if you arrive from outside Nepal. Once you have arrived at our office, you will need to sign a volunteer contract before you start work. If you have committed to support your host family and our organization financially, this would be the best time to fulfill your donation.

6. Basic program information

After the paperwork has been processed, we will review the program basics with you and answer any additional questions you might have at that time.

7. Meeting your host family

After we have met you, we’ll take you to your host family’s house. They will show you your room and give you a brief tour of the house and surrounding area. You’ll be living as a family member there, not as a guest, so you may wish to help with the housework occasionally. We’ll also tell you about the Nepalese culture and anything you need to know to make your stay enjoyable.

8. Begin Program

You are now prepared to get started on your adventure as a Program Volunteer. Be prepared, be on time and most of all – just have fun and enjoy your time with our children or with local farmers if you are in a horticultural program.

9. Departure

After finishing your program you are free to head off to another destination, or program. Or, if you prefer, we will take you to the exit port of your choice for your departure from Nepal.