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My experience with Samarpan Nepal
Volunteer Date and Duration: 13 Oct 2010 – 07 Nov 2010

Where to begin? What a wonderful, enrooting experience spending time at Samarpan Nepal has been. From the moment I arrived, Rupa and her relatives made me feel part of their family and taught me many things about Nepalese culture, and ‘day to day’ things that would be impossible to read in a book on my many walks around the town. I met neighbors and local people who also become friends. In fact Nepalese people are friendly. I had the good fortune to be with Rupa and her family to celebrate the Dashain festival which will be a special memory. Of course there are my children I love each of them they would come to class and work really hard to improve their English and expand their vocabulary. We all had a great time doing puzzles, crafts and playing simancer. It was wonderful to see while they worked and played together smiling, joking and laughing all the times. I could not wait to see them each day and hour “Namaste Miss” along with the numerous strings of flowers they made for me.

Samarpan Nepal is a great working organization. Thanks mainly to Rupa, her commitment and dedication to the children is inspiring. I look myself a richer person when I arrived. I’ll never be able to thank everyone sufficiently for the wonderful memories they have given to me.

Thanks Rupa, your family and all my little ‘temporary Canadian’ friends. I’ll miss you all.

Love, Linda.


Volunteer and Homemaker


My experience with Samarpan Nepal
Volunteer Date and Duration: 01 Nov 2010 – 07 Nov 2010

My wife Linda has spent the past 3 weeks living with Rupa and her family and helping teach the children of Samarpan. I was able to join her for a day or two and I’m very glad. I’ve been able to meet Rupa and meet the children, even for a short time.

It is very touching to see how happy the children are and how much excitement they get from learning. Even though they have very little in times of material possessions they have wonderful spirit and a very positive outlook swich is a real pleasure to see and feel a little part of.

I wish Rupa and Samarpan all good blessings for the future. Thank you for showing Linda so much hospitality and allowing her to share your home. Thank you for all you are doing for the children you really are an inspiration.

Best wishes for a wonderful future.



Memories that last forever
Volunteer Date and Duration: 08 August 2010 – 22 August 2010

When some time ago I decided to come here I had no idea of what it was waiting for me: an amazing country with amazing people and amazing culture and also amazing prosemo (electricity, water) at least for someone coming from the other side of the world.

I came as a volunteer to teach arts to some children and now that I have after 2 weeks that look like 2 days I feel myself as a different way. First I was treated as part of a family that’s something I appreciate very much. The children were not just pupils but also games colleagues. I would be glad if they have learned a little bit of my teachings and their creativity and imagination were awaken.

I will miss the kids as well as rupa and her cute baby (my niece) and many other things even the litards show in the dining room. I am sure that in some moment I’ll be staring at the ceiling of my dining room in Spain.

I do not know whether my future would bring me in here again. I would like to return here someday as this experience is unforgettable! My dear rupa thank you very much for everything best wishes for you for your family and specially for all the Samarpan children they are part of Nepal’s future!!!


Volunteer, Student


An unforgettable memories with Samarpan Nepal
Volunteer Date and Duration: 21 July 2010 – 07 August 2010

Sitting on Rupa’s bed, writing by torch light under the mosquito net whilst guntu nanu sleeps peacefully…. how would anyone want to leave? Unfortunately way before I was due to, I have to leave. Even before I had arrived in bharatpur I felt like rupa was my friend & from my first day with her, her gorgeous with girl and incredibly kind family, neighbors & friends I know I had loneleed in a wonderful place and organization. Both the younger and older children were and are a delight to teach –full of laughs, smiles and kind words – just like all the people I have come to be friends with here and will miss deeply…. Be sure that I’ll be back as soon as I have iaueed the air fare! I have so much I want to write but events have robbed me of time about a month of it I think it would be impossible for me to leave if the reason wasn’t my own family….. I have a constantly growing fondness and admiration for Rupa, all her family and her neighbors especially laxmi, shoba, their parents, Imisa & her mother Prakriti, Bikas & his parents daily they do a tremendous job and always with the kindest of smiles making sure you feel at home away from home . It makes me very sad to be leaving but I know for sure I’ll be keeping touch and seeing all the people and children surrounding Samarpan as soon as can be…. And I’ll take home are only my memories and stories of Nepal but they ks to rupa some Nepali recipes and gifts for all my family to share it how can I ever thank her enough I hope she knows how close I feel to her sister really does feel the only fitting word….. I’ll carry all the people I have met here and the wonderful gorgeous kids with me in my heart.




My experience with Samarpan Nepal
Volunteer Date and Duration: 1 July 2010 – 15 July 2010

Well, I just want to say that I really enjoyed the experience at Samarpan Nepal. I taught Math to the kids for two weeks. The children are so nice and also Rupa and her family, Bikash and his family. I felt very comfortable here Nepal is very different from Spain. The culture, people are so kind and if they can help you, they will. May be two weeks is not time enough to say that you have really helped the children. We practiced additions, multiplication, and subtractions. I think that two week may be is not time enough. But I think the most important thing is not what they learned about mathematics, the most important thing is that we met each other. They met me and I met them. I think they are good kids and that is more important than any other thing.

I also want to say that I am very grateful to Bikash and his family. They are really nice to me. Sometimes communication was difficult because of the language but they were always smiling to me. Bikash was always asking me about the food and everything. I really felt very comfortable at his house. It felt like I was in my own family. So, thank you very much for everything.

Well, I don’t know what else to say. Thank you very much to everybody and I hope I can come here again. See you.


Volunteer, Student


My experience with Samarpan Nepal
Volunteer Date and Duration: 21 June 2010 – 01 July 2010

It’s my first time to come to Nepal. Everything here has impressed me a lot. I’m so glad to see children here are so friendly and passionate. Though it’s very hot here, I feel so proud and satisfied we teach children art painting which I think it is the most meaningful thing for me. I hope I can come here again in the near future. I like the girl named Amrita she thought us dance. And she is really a good dancer since she is only 13 years old. I had such a good time with children.


Volunteer, Student


christianSummer ‘09
Volunteer Date and Duration: 21 July 2009 – 20 August 2009

First of all thank you very much for allowing me to live this incredible experience.

I have no wads to express all the feelings. I’ve felt all these days, all the surprises I’ve had, how you’ve treated me, you made me feel like home.

Let’s stop of being selfish and thinking about me. I think we all are here for one reason – the children. I hope you really can do all the work you want, I really admire all the work you’re doing with them and if any time you need help or advice, you know how to contact me. In any case these kids are amazing, I think I can really say ‘ma timihorai maya garchu’ you and the children. It’s been 3 years in my live since I was nervous in front of a class, and today, while saying goodbye, I really was. They’ve taken a piece of my heart with them, and have given some many amazing memories, they made me feel like a kid again one of them.

Keep this work up and I hope you can keep us informed when things happen.

Anyway I hope I will see you and these again.
So as we say at home: fius aviat us estimo I ms porto al cor.

PD: Please ask every single volunteer to let themselves to be taught by these kids. They are the best Nepali teachers I’ve ever known!!!


Volunteer, Student, Teacher


MarcoMy memories with Samarpan Nepal
Volunteer Date and Duration: 18 July 2009 – 18 August 2009

After 41 years, actually my eye! You realize that new experiences can always surprise you they are unique. This is why I’m surprised having this unique experience. The surprise and uniqueness is obviously due to these wonderful children of Samarpan Nepal. When you realize where and how do they live. The poverty that they live and everyday life, you get enjoyed by their smile so natural and pure.

Their eyes that so deeply enter visible you and give you the sense of an enormous difference. I wish to anyone like me, any ‘let’s call it’ ‘European’ to catch, to measure, to understand this difference without judgment, without taking position just observing understanding making it yours lot things to say but all of them have the same experience.

Samarpan Nepal in conclusion is a very good project, with many good things done and other things to improve. I wish Rupa to go on improving and observing information’s inputs and innovations from every new volunteer. I think that it is important not to stop in front of difficulties and have the strength to go with the same energy.

Best wishes


Volunteer, Marketing Consultant


An unforgettable memory
Volunteer Date and Duration: 30 June 2009 – 30 July 2009

I’m sad, very sad to be leaving and sad also because I know it will be some time before to see the kids again, live with this wonderful family again to find ‘Samarpan Nepal’ the school the prospective orphanage and library all flourishing. Infact I have little doubt that this organization will flourish and grow. I couldn’t tell you presicely why, I’ve just got a feeling, overwhelming felling I should say.

I shall miss the kids hugely. I can remember feeling quite daunted by the sight of 28 wide eyed expecting faces………. But they smiled and laughed and made me feel welcome and appreciated some of the lessons where hilarious with witty Punam and feisty Amrita with feeble late excuse (‘I am from cancer’) and some ridiculous English (a mango described as a monkey ) and some lessons were less exciting. More importantly though was play time which I think I enjoyed more than the kids themselves.

I must thank Rupa and her formidable team of helpless for making my stay so enjoyable and comfortable. I think by the way Rupa personifies Samarpan and of course thanks to the kids I will miss everyone very much until I am back.


Volunteer, Student


JessicaMy experience with Samarpan Nepal
Volunteer Date and Duration: 19 June 2008 – 20 July 2008

I don’t know where to start describing what I have lived through at this organization. It has certainly been the most extraordinary journey in my life and I’ll never forget the moments of joy it has brought me.

Firstly, I must say that the children have made me feel like I have never felt before. I have given all my energy to teach them as best as possible and their progress has been one of many reasons for my happiness in Samarpan. To see their faces when they got a good mark is a treat for anyone who can appreciate their condition and hard work. These children not only need English lessons, but also a lot of love and attention, and that is something this organization gives them.

Seeing some of their houses broke my heart and I try to give them as much as I could to help them outside school, like cloths. I wanted them to have the opportunity to choose something in their lives, I hope they won’t forget it.

We had many fun outings, such as picnics, competitions and quizzes.

Another part of the organization that I can’t forget is my Nepali host family. With all of this family I have learned more about Nepal than I thought possible.

I will never forget the moments I have lived here and I hope that the children and my family will remember me.

I hope, also, that this organization grows as much as its dream comes true.

This is the saddest moment I have lived here, because I won’t see the faces of the kids again.
Hopefully, I will be back soon and, until then, I wish every member of Samarpan Nepal all the happiness they can get and the best for the future of the children.

With all my love,


Volunteer, Student


volunteerSamarpan Nepal and I
Volunteer Date and Duration: 19 Dec 2007 – 20 Jan 2008

These children are lovely. Nothing but lovely. This was generally spoken. My main experience with them… All of them were trying their best to achieve as much as progress in the English language as they could while I was teaching them. And, finally, this is what they did….! Therefore, it is no surprise that leaving them was a sad story for me. And still while writing this, I miss them although being happy and proud of their achievements as well as being a part of this organization.

I can not say anything else but that I truly love them and what I want them to have the bright and joyful future they all deserve. What I was setting back from them in return, their kindness and affection, still makes me feeling very much both, happy and lucky. Lucky to have been with them and lucky to be with them again……

They will always have my love and my serious concern and this makes. I believe a difference…..

With all my love,


Volunteer, Student